Why do an interview with Russian Philosopher Irene Caesar?

Irene Caesar Russian Philosopher Artist Visionary

Irene Caesar Russian Philosopher Artist Visionary

First of all, Irene Caesar has a very unique viewpoint about the current situation on the planet. And with the massmedia in the US and Europe more or less completely embedded in the war-mongering military-industrial complex of Washington and its allies I found it really interesting having the opportunity to lead this 2 1/2 hours interview with someone who sees humanity in total and specifically Russia from a very distinct perspective. And I guess with mankind on the brink of war it needs to check all available perspectives to find its own heritage and true potential! So in case you’re interested in listening to backgrounds about not only the current events in Ukraine, but also the history of this development, the role of Vladimir Putin, die Quantum Leap and the many deceptions that are run by the current elite to establish not only the NWO but to finally have a completely enslaved weak mixed race mankind with a Brain Computer Interface BCI, you’re in the right place!

How did Edward Snowden connect Irene Caesar and me, Alexander Gottwald?

Irene Caesar Facebook Title Pic Snowden NSA Fake

Irene Caesar Facebook Title Pic Snowden NSA Fake

By the beginning of March 2014 I read an intelligent comment by a woman on a Facebook-post of one of my friends there. So I looked at her profile and the first thing I found, was this title pic you can see below, suggesting, Edward Snowden is a fake made by NSA themselves. As I had done an astrological analysis of Snowden last June already, I was sure, her perception is accurate, though most people in the truther scene seem to be deluded by those mainstream stories about the “hero” Snowden, stepping forward to denounce formerly completely secret and unknown parts of the NSA and their politics of basically spying on everyone anytime…

So through Ed “The Godfather of Truth” Snowden we finally became friends on Facebook and started to chat. As Irene has a very unique viewpoint on current events but also the history and possible future of mankind, I asked her, if she was interested in doing a Skype interview. What you will read and see and hear in this article, is the result of these first encounters in March 2014, which finally led to the interview on April 8, 2014.

Video – Wake up or perish – Part 1 of the interview with Irene Caesar

Video – Wake up or perish – Part 2 of the interview with Irene Caesar

Hitler and Putin – what do they have in common?

Human Design Charts Putin Hitler

Human Design Charts Putin Hitler

Hillary Clinton made a public comparison recently between Putin and Hitler. So I checked their Human Design Charts and was surprised to find a lot of similarities in quite important points. After she had given an in depth look at her view on Hitler and his role in history,  I insisted on this topic though Irene at first tried to talk about some other stuff instead of answering my question about the role of Putin in this game. I guess, this is a crucial part of the interview as it might give us a hint on what’s going on in the world in terms of global strategy and plans for further wars.

What are the Khazars, Irene is talking about several times during the interview?

I guess, understanding the concept of the Khazars being behind the Zionist attempts to dominate the world is crucial to really get into debunking the hostile take-over of the original Jewish religion of the tribe of Juda who were worshippers of Seth by those slave-trading, drug-trading people called the Khazars, who are not semites and who are mostly half Turks and half Whites, according to the research and understanding of Irene Caesar.

This is one of several videos on YouTube that give an insight in another view not only on Israel but also on the real goals of Zionism.

Who are these people from Ukraine, Irene Caesar is mentioning during the interview?

Ihor Kolomoyski Zionist Oligarch from Ukraine

Ihor Kolomoyski Zionist Oligarch from Ukraine

Irene Caesar is mentioning quite some names during the course of the interview, you might not have been familiar before. The forst one she mentions is Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the second richest man in Ukraine, an oligarch living in Switzerland. She claims that he has financed the Mossad coup d’etat in Ukraine which just got disguised as a fascist coup to deceive the public about the real backgound of what is going on.

Another name she mentions is Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who was born in Dnipropetrovsk where the biggest zionist center in the world is now being built. As this former Chabad-leader is regarded as kind of a messiah, Irene Caesar claims that Dnipropetrovsk for Zionists has become more important than Jerusalem and that his infamous speech about the destruction of Ukraine and Russia shows the roadmap for the upcoming NATO activities in the region.

Monopolar world vs. multipolar world

What Irene Caesar is talking about a lot is that the NWO and those who push it, mainly the decendants of Khazar slave and drug traders, want a monopolar world. She says that scientifically there is no such thing in the quantum universe as a monopol. Each any everyone of us is completely unique. The universe according to this understanding is and must be multipolar. So we need to understand that we have been enslaved on this planet and that we need to wake up and stand up for our own uniqueness, for the uniqueness of the land we live on and for the unique heritage of our people.

To avoid WW3 it is high time to wake up to who we truly are and start to live from that potential. We don’t need any rulers. We don’t need world government, enslavement and suppression of mankind. We have to claim our spiritual heritage as children of the universe and start living from that!

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All (IS) love,

Alexander Gottwald


Why spirituality and politics are mostly regarded as seperate

The basics of suppressing mankind lie in the old doctrine by Macchiavelli verbalized about 500 years ago “Divide et impera” (divide and conquer) which in reality is way older than that and was used already by the Roman Empire and gets mentioned in Sunzi’s “The Art of War” about 2,500 years ago.

This “divide and conquer” does not only get applied on different ethnic groups, political parties and religious groupings, but also – especially during the past about 200 years since the discovery of Uranus and the French revolution – on our way to look at reality itself. In this way, it gets strictly observed that realms of life like art, science, religion, politics etc. get seperated from one another very strongly and remain like that forever.

What Brian knows about spiritual and political life

I got to know Brian in February 2012 in Uyuni, Bolivia, where he like me wanted to visit the Salar de Uyuni (the by far biggest salt lake on earth!). After having had several encounters before on the airport, on the street, at hotels etc., we finally got to talk, which had already lead to his spontaneous participation in our new moon ceremony “the mirror of the soul” on 21st February 2012.

Brian during our Interview about spiritual and political life

Brian during our Interview about spiritual and political life

Brian has been going through a very troubled life during his almost 70 years until now. He has been stateless now for almost 30 years (for reasons of caution that are based on the circumstances of his staelessness, we don’t reveal his last name here). He has been traveling the earth for many decades now and has himself so deeply experienced the profound (and inseparable!) connections between spiritual and political life that we lead an interview about this topic which I’m very happy to be able to present to you here.

Video interview with Brian about spiritual and political life

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Starhawk about the contradiction “force from within vs. power over”

About 15 years ago I read the book “Wild Forces” by Starhawk. During the introduction she directly mentions that there are two very different ways of dealing with energy: As Brian during the interview by himself names these two German words “Macht”(which would most likely get translated as power) and “Kraft” (which goes more to the direction of force), I would like to point out here that from my point of view, it’s very important to let go of giving any kind of energy to “power-over” institutions like state, church, industry, media etc. We need to establish a spiritual kind of politics that derives from each and every single human being coming to ones own power, as I had already described this here.

Which kind of alternative draft to “divide and conquer” did Goethe write in 1814?

Goethe, who is said to have been one of the last universal geniuses, had written an alternative draft to Macchiavelli’s “Divide et impera” that can still give us today – almost 200 years later – an idea about the dirction we should turn, to overcome this separation on the inside as well as on the outside: “Entzwei und gebiete! Tüchtig Wort. – Verein und leite! Besserer Hort.” A possible English translation would be: “Divide and rule! Brave phrase! – Unite and guide! Better place.”

This second part, the “unite and guide” thus can from my perspective only get realized from inside! Only free humans, living from a conscious inside, can unite voluntarily and consciously. These people would then always tend to choose those amongst them they would consider the most capable (and not as in the current “power-over” system those who are the most greedy for power and by that seem to be the least capable of using it properly).

What is your own position towards spirituality and politics?

I would be very happy if you shared your experiences on the topic spirituality and politics here in the comments area below this article! What do you think about “divide and conquer”? What kind of visions do you hold about upcoming times? Are spirituality and politics connected in your inner perception? What do you think about “power over” and “force from within”?

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Alexander Gottwald