Why spirituality and politics are mostly regarded as seperate

The basics of suppressing mankind lie in the old doctrine by Macchiavelli verbalized about 500 years ago “Divide et impera” (divide and conquer) which in reality is way older than that and was used already by the Roman Empire and gets mentioned in Sunzi’s “The Art of War” about 2,500 years ago.

This “divide and conquer” does not only get applied on different ethnic groups, political parties and religious groupings, but also – especially during the past about 200 years since the discovery of Uranus and the French revolution – on our way to look at reality itself. In this way, it gets strictly observed that realms of life like art, science, religion, politics etc. get seperated from one another very strongly and remain like that forever.

What Brian knows about spiritual and political life

I got to know Brian in February 2012 in Uyuni, Bolivia, where he like me wanted to visit the Salar de Uyuni (the by far biggest salt lake on earth!). After having had several encounters before on the airport, on the street, at hotels etc., we finally got to talk, which had already lead to his spontaneous participation in our new moon ceremony “the mirror of the soul” on 21st February 2012.

Brian during our Interview about spiritual and political life

Brian during our Interview about spiritual and political life

Brian has been going through a very troubled life during his almost 70 years until now. He has been stateless now for almost 30 years (for reasons of caution that are based on the circumstances of his staelessness, we don’t reveal his last name here). He has been traveling the earth for many decades now and has himself so deeply experienced the profound (and inseparable!) connections between spiritual and political life that we lead an interview about this topic which I’m very happy to be able to present to you here.

Video interview with Brian about spiritual and political life

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Starhawk about the contradiction “force from within vs. power over”

About 15 years ago I read the book “Wild Forces” by Starhawk. During the introduction she directly mentions that there are two very different ways of dealing with energy: As Brian during the interview by himself names these two German words “Macht”(which would most likely get translated as power) and “Kraft” (which goes more to the direction of force), I would like to point out here that from my point of view, it’s very important to let go of giving any kind of energy to “power-over” institutions like state, church, industry, media etc. We need to establish a spiritual kind of politics that derives from each and every single human being coming to ones own power, as I had already described this here.

Which kind of alternative draft to “divide and conquer” did Goethe write in 1814?

Goethe, who is said to have been one of the last universal geniuses, had written an alternative draft to Macchiavelli’s “Divide et impera” that can still give us today – almost 200 years later – an idea about the dirction we should turn, to overcome this separation on the inside as well as on the outside: “Entzwei und gebiete! Tüchtig Wort. – Verein und leite! Besserer Hort.” A possible English translation would be: “Divide and rule! Brave phrase! – Unite and guide! Better place.”

This second part, the “unite and guide” thus can from my perspective only get realized from inside! Only free humans, living from a conscious inside, can unite voluntarily and consciously. These people would then always tend to choose those amongst them they would consider the most capable (and not as in the current “power-over” system those who are the most greedy for power and by that seem to be the least capable of using it properly).

What is your own position towards spirituality and politics?

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Alexander Gottwald

 Interview at “The Truth Hour” by Johnny Guzman from Quantum Leap Productions

Last night I was invited to the show “The Truth Hour” hosted by Johnny Guzman from Quantum Leap Productions. We were talking about what transformative coaching means (and how you can easily use this in your personal life!), what sprituality really is (beyond labels, concepts and all sorts of other ideas!) and what would be the appropriate way to deal with the challenges of current times. Finally Johnny asked me to share some of my insights on the astrological chart of December 21st 2012, which was especially both reveiling and incouraging!

You can watch the extended replay of the live show here:

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What Johnny Guzman asked me about

We had an intense hour of in depth conversation on spirituality (and especially, what that really means!), on our true nature as human beings (and why this is so close, even if we’re not aware!) and finally on an astrological chart on the true meaning of December 21st, 2012, which reveals astonishing facts about whats going on this year … It’s also funny to see me making mistakes in my English, as it is not my native language … so take a look and watch the video now!

Why deepening and expanding consciousness can be so important for all of us!

We were taught, that our lives were more or less without any meaning, that we don’t have any influence … but those ideas are just plain lies! These thoughts are supposed to keep you from discovering your true nature as a human being and taking part in creating the new earth moment by moment! You are such an incredibly powerful being! And this you will discover from the video, in case you didn’t know yet! Celebrating this love and greatness of you as a human being, has been one of the deepest motivations for me, to share all this crucial information with you!

What is so special about the astrological chart for Dec 21st 2012?

Astral chart of December 21st 2012 and its global implications

Astral chart of December 21st 2012 and its global implications

There is a combination of both challenging and supporting aspect figures, you will discover in the chart. We have a powerful t-square as well as two yod figures! And a stabilizing trine is also envolved … and of course, especially the Yod-figures are really interesting, because they show us the way, that can lead us beyond the coming attempt to a backlash into fascism and dictatorship, both in politics and religion! The chart is of use, no matter, where in the world you live, although it’s sort of done for the zero point of time on this planet, which makes it universal in a way!

What do you think and feel about our interview?

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Why is this second Full Moon in August 2012 no Blue Moon?

How do they define a Blue Moon these days? In case two full moons occur during the same one month in the calendar, they call this a blue moon nowadays.

What are the original preconditions for a full moon to be called a Blue Moon?

The original Blue Moon was bound to two different kinds of preconditions, that both had nothing to do with the Roman calendar, as it is used today:

  1. There was a Middle English meaning of the word belewe, which meant “betray” and from this word the “blue” in the term “Blue Moon” has derived. It described the third in four full moons within a period from a solstice to an equinoxe, or from an equinoxe to a solstice. Usually there are three full moons in between. In those rare cases, where there are four, the third is to be named as the “false” oder Blue Moon. The reason for that was that the church wanted to avoid any kind of confusion according to their holidays abd thus declared this third full moon as false and not to be referred to in order to calculate the next easter for example.
  2. In astrology it’s called a Blue Moon if two full moons following each other take place in the same zodiac sign.

Both preconditions will be fullfilled in 2013 in July and August, when two full moons will occur in Aquarius and furthermore there will be four full moons happening during summer solstice and the following equinoxe.

Video horoscope of the false Blue Moon taking place on August 31, 2012

What is the mundane horoscope of this fake Blue Moon about?

Fake Blue Moon - why this full moon on August 31, 2012 is not a Blue Moon

Fake Blue Moon - why this full moon on August 31, 2012 is not a Blue Moon

Very interestingly this full moon’s mundane horoscope chart is about war and peace, about deception and healing and about two goddesses ligning up to build a Yod Figure with the essence of all and everything!

About war: Royal fixed star Antares conjuncts the Sagittarius ascendant of this chart quite exactly, which means there are great ambitions and vanity going on.

The full moon itself takes place in the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, in Pisces. Conjunct with this full moon we see Chiron, the wounded healer and also Neptune, the great spiritual helper. This is about peace and healing and possibly also about deception.

The two goddesses mentioned are Venus and Sedna, who form a perfect sextile, while both of them each form a quinqunx to Quaoar near the ascendant, forminmg a very powerful Yod-figure, its top (Quaoar) pointing towards the ascendan into the first house.

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