Why is this second Full Moon in August 2012 no Blue Moon?

How do they define a Blue Moon these days? In case two full moons occur during the same one month in the calendar, they call this a blue moon nowadays.

What are the original preconditions for a full moon to be called a Blue Moon?

The original Blue Moon was bound to two different kinds of preconditions, that both had nothing to do with the Roman calendar, as it is used today:

  1. There was a Middle English meaning of the word belewe, which meant “betray” and from this word the “blue” in the term “Blue Moon” has derived. It described the third in four full moons within a period from a solstice to an equinoxe, or from an equinoxe to a solstice. Usually there are three full moons in between. In those rare cases, where there are four, the third is to be named as the “false” oder Blue Moon. The reason for that was that the church wanted to avoid any kind of confusion according to their holidays abd thus declared this third full moon as false and not to be referred to in order to calculate the next easter for example.
  2. In astrology it’s called a Blue Moon if two full moons following each other take place in the same zodiac sign.

Both preconditions will be fullfilled in 2013 in July and August, when two full moons will occur in Aquarius and furthermore there will be four full moons happening during summer solstice and the following equinoxe.

Video horoscope of the false Blue Moon taking place on August 31, 2012

What is the mundane horoscope of this fake Blue Moon about?

Fake Blue Moon - why this full moon on August 31, 2012 is not a Blue Moon

Fake Blue Moon - why this full moon on August 31, 2012 is not a Blue Moon

Very interestingly this full moon’s mundane horoscope chart is about war and peace, about deception and healing and about two goddesses ligning up to build a Yod Figure with the essence of all and everything!

About war: Royal fixed star Antares conjuncts the Sagittarius ascendant of this chart quite exactly, which means there are great ambitions and vanity going on.

The full moon itself takes place in the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, in Pisces. Conjunct with this full moon we see Chiron, the wounded healer and also Neptune, the great spiritual helper. This is about peace and healing and possibly also about deception.

The two goddesses mentioned are Venus and Sedna, who form a perfect sextile, while both of them each form a quinqunx to Quaoar near the ascendant, forminmg a very powerful Yod-figure, its top (Quaoar) pointing towards the ascendan into the first house.

For more information please watch the video in this blogpost and share the love! Thank you so much!

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